The future of global projects

Multiple countries, multiple currencies, one resource pool

Focus on what you do best –delivering projects– without the complexities of international expansion.

VOGSY is a unified project and resource platform that makes it easy to set up new countries, track international projects, and connect local finance packages.

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A single project platform for all your international projects and any of your operating companies. Track progress, identify risks, and ensure all projects are profitable.


Book resources from any operating country to any project globally. Share resources based on skills, availability, and margin potential.


  • Local currency resource rates
  • Invoicing in customer currency
  • Project accounting in local currency


Sync multiple local finance packages. Flexible revenue recognition and attribution. Single source of truth in base currency.

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Grow your pipeline

Keep track of every client and deal, create quotes and build SOWs on your soft-booked projects. Then match your revenue and resource plans to ensure delivery.

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Plan your projects

Use VOGSY’s powerful work breakdown structure to create a project road map from objectives to outcomes. Budget the work, revenue and margins even before the ink is dry. Read more about our Project Management feature.

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Allocate tasks

Make sure things get done on time by setting tasks for yourself or your team on anything in your Quote to Cash cycle: clients, deals, projects and billing. Roll up billable task time into project time sheets or use the built-in timer. Find out about VOGSY’s Task Management feature.

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Optimize your resources

Track planned hours vs availability using VOGSY’s interactive resource scheduler. Put an end to bench time or overbookings. Soft or hard bookings, billable and non-billable, working hours, holidays; VOGSY keeps everyone in sync. Check out VOGSY’s Resource Management feature.

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Keep delivery on track

VOGSY automatically monitors key indicators in the service lifecycle: timeline, budget and margin. Meanwhile, you keep project teams, docs, comms, emails, tasks and key financials neatly in one place.

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Automate invoicing

Leave no money on the table, send invoices on time and reduce manual work and errors with automated billing. From timesheet to invoice without extra effort, approval flows included. Find out more about the automated invoicing feature.

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Connect your finance, sales, productivity and security tools to complete the Quote to Cash cycle

Monitor your performance

VOGSY charts cover Quote to Cash indicators: from sales pipeline through resource availability, (billable) utilization and project health, to revenue forecast, and even P&L. Perform more granular analysis with our Sheets Add-on. Check out VOGSY’s performance monitoring.

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