Press Release: New SPI Research Webinar Outlines the Power of Simplicity and How to Drive ROI for Professional Services Firms


VOGSY, the only professional services automation (PSA) solution built on the Google Platform, today announced a webinar with SPI Research that will highlight how professional services organizations (PSOs) can increase operational visibility and profits by focusing on simplicity, engagement and integration. The complimentary webinar titled, “Why Simplicity Matters: Driving Success Across Professional Services Organizations,” will take place on Tuesday, January 29 at 2 p.m. ET.

SPI Research founder and managing director Dave Hofferberth will lead a discussion on how professional services organizations can experience huge performance and revenue gains using a simple and automated approach for managing data, systems and teams. VOGSY founder Leo Koster and CEO Mark van Leeuwen will join Hofferberth and share customer insights for ideal information workflows and best practices.

Key takeaways attendees can expect include:

  • Lessons from today’s most popular software applications and social media networks;
  • How PSOs can take a people-centric approach to reduce information complexities;
  • Ways to increase project profitability using a unified information approach for the entire quote-to-cash process;
  • How PSOs can leapfrog to high levels of maturity quickly and reap benefits; and
  • Key questions that can help leadership teams assess vulnerabilities, needs and how PSA can help.

“Nowhere is information simplicity and engagement more important than the PSO’s quote-to-cash process,” Hofferberth said. “Departments need fast access to the right information so they can better plan and execute their work. SPI Research believes that ensuring employees can engage with the data they need is the most fundamental process of professional services.”

“We put the professional at the center of our platform, giving them everything they need to drive desired outcomes for clients and the overall business,” said van Leeuwen. “VOGSY provides a single source of engagement and is instantly recognizable to any Google user, allowing teams to get started in days and not months.”

The VOGSY Professional Services Automation Platform is built on the Google platform and provides a powerful and simple approach to managing the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle. An on-demand version of the webinar will also be available on the VOGSY website at a later date.

About Service Performance Insight

Service Performance Insight is a global research and consulting company dedicated to helping professional service organizations make quantum improvements in productivity and profit. In 2007, SPI developed the PS Maturity Model as a strategic planning and management framework which has become the industry-leading performance improvement tool used by over 20,000 service and project-oriented organizations to chart their course to services excellence.


VOGSY was created by AllSolutions, a 30-year PSA software company with customers in 25 countries. The VOGSY Professional Services Automation Platform integrates your business (and everyone in it) within a single accessible platform. Whether you’re an executive, manager or other professional working in sales, finance, operations and project management, you can get your job done faster and easier with VOGSY.

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