Press Release: VOGSY strengthens it’s ‘Connected ERP’ with Microsoft 365 Integration

BOSTON, EIN Presswire, June 14, 2022

Following market demand from medium-to-large customers, VOGSY now offers both Microsoft 365, as well as Google Workspace integrations for its mission-critical ERP software.

The connected ERP solution for the B2B Services Industry today announced the release of its new Microsoft 365 integration in response to growing market demand. The integration covers a variety of Microsoft’s ‘office tools’ such as Word, Outlook, OneDrive and Excel as well as Microsoft’s access management.

“We remain committed to Google Cloud as our infrastructure platform.” remarked Leo Koster, founder of VOGSY, adding: “Due to its ability to scale up with us effectively, efficiently with maximum security, anywhere in the world.”

The integration supports several key business requirements, from automated emailing, to the secure and seamless creation of key documents such as quotes and invoices. It also ensures a uniform folder structure in Drive/Onedrive for document storage. Add-ons to the market’s most popular spreadsheet software populate up-to-the-minute reports on all aspects of the business.

“As with Google Workspace, we want Microsoft 365 users to leverage their existing office productivity tools in ERP” explains Mark van Leeuwen, VOGSY CEO. “It’s one suite of tools less to learn, purchase and maintain, offering our customers efficiency in their IT landscape. Users are onboarded much more quickly as well.”

VOGSY has partnered with Google Cloud and integrated with Workspace from its inception in 2015 to transform services businesses’ operations. “This has created great value for our clients and for VOGSY itself.” continues van Leeuwen: “We are excited to extend this to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, increasing our addressable market into new sectors and in particular into larger customer sizes.”

At a time when distributed teams have become the norm, connected processes, data and ultimately software is the key priority in the services industry. The Microsoft 365 integration is an important step in the next phase of VOGSY’s Connected ERP vision. “But by no means the only one, there are many other business tool connections and API’s that we’ll be rolling out in the near future.” concludes Leo Koster.

The Microsoft 365 integration is available to VOGSY customers now. Learn more about its benefits here: Connect VOGSY to Miscrosoft 365.


VOGSY is the Connected ERP for the B2B Services Industry, and a part of the GAV International Group, itself boasting 35 years of ERP excellence with customers in over 30 countries, VOGSY has a strong pedigree and serves all B2B service industries including Marketing, Consulting and Technology around the globe. Executives, managers and other professionals working in sales, finance, operations and project management can all get their jobs done faster and more easily with connected processes and data from VOGSY. For more information, contact [email protected].