Press Release: White Stratus and VOGSY partner to provide professional services organizations growth and profitability

BOSTON and LEICESTER, UK – Sept. 26, 2018

Strategic Partnership Helps PSOs Rapidly Improve Business Outcomes

VOGSY, the leading professional services automation (PSA) solution built on the Google Cloud Platform, and White Stratus, an enterprise cloud computing consultancy and long-serving Google Cloud partner, today announced a strategic partnership agreement. White Stratus has joined the VOGSY global channel partner program, and together the two companies are providing professional services organizations (PSOs) with a powerful combination of solutions and services so they can grow their business and improve profitability.

This new partnership comes at a time in which White Stratus is expanding to help agencies and consulting firms move complex business and workflow processes to the cloud. Through this alliance with VOGSY, agencies and PSOs can access an innovative and easy-to-use PSA solution that is designed with a simple purpose – to boost team productivity, improve business health and nurture profitability.

VOGSY’s ability to enhance Google Workspace by adding project, budget and resource management made the partnership an easy decision for White Stratus. According to Zuber Vindhani, Business Development at White Stratus, “VOGSY allows us to go beyond basic Google Workspace functionality and build in automation that help our clients run their business from quote to cash. This increases the value of Google Workspace, helps their businesses run far more efficiently and improves overall profitability. Most of our client pain originates from disjointed systems and teams, so we’re excited to bring this platform to the UK.”

The VOGSY Professional Services Automation Platform provides everything a service-oriented company needs to run its business, spanning the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle. Built specifically for the Google Cloud Platform, VOGSY’s solution lets companies take full advantage of all of the tools, capabilities, scalability and security that Google offers.

Mark van Leeuwen, CEO of VOGSY, said, “VOGSY has a growing global customer base and was looking for partners in the UK to co-market with them and to help their UK customers integrate applications in the Google Cloud. White Stratus’ expertise, innovative approach and commitment to the professional services market make them an ideal partner for VOGSY. Together we can help professional services companies grow their business and drive the outcomes they need through actionable insights into the health of their business.”

About White Stratus
White Stratus was founded in 2010 with the vision of becoming a leading global partner for enterprises moving to the Google Cloud. We now operate around the globe and work with an array of multinational organisations.

White Stratus has operated in a diverse range of sectors but now has a keen focus on the Professional Services market. Over the years, White Stratus has helped professional services companies, big and small, unlock data silos, bring teams together and nurture profitability, using the best-of-breed cloud tools.

For more information on how White Stratus can help your agency grow, contact us at [email protected] or visit

Our pedigree is strong. VOGSY, which was created by a 30-year PSA company with customers in 25 countries, is the natural extension to Google Workspace for service professionals. VOGSY integrates a services business (and everyone in it) with a single collaborative platform. Executives, managers and other professionals working in sales, finance, operations and project management can all get their job done faster and easier with VOGSY. For more information contact us at [email protected].