Connect VOGSY ERP with Microsoft 365

Following growing market demand from across the world and specifically from medium-to-large customers, VOGSY now offers both Microsoft 365, as well as Google Workspace integrations.

The integration supports several key business processes, from automated emailing, to the secure and seamless creation of key documents such as quotes and invoices.

It also ensures a uniform folder structure in Drive/Onedrive for document storage. Add-ons to the market’s most popular spreadsheet software populate up-to-the-minute reports on all aspects of the business.

And, as with Microsoft 365 itself, you can use VOGSY on any device, anywhere.

Let’s have a look at these in more detail;

OneDrive for project documentation

No more guesswork; your client and project documentation is structured in folders that are automatically arranged by VOGSY and accessible inside VOGSY straight from the appropriate record. Starting from the customer as the focal point, to sales quotes for that customer and their related projects, all the way to invoices. All created, structured and stored by VOGSY in OneDrive.

Outlook integration

Two of the most important processes in your services business leverage this integration; quoting for new business and sending out invoices. Simply set up your email templates in the back office of VOGSY and let VOGSY do the rest.

Word for document templates

When setting up VOGSY, you will create document templates in Word. These templates automatically collect data from your VOGSY records for simple quotes to more complex SOWs, as well as invoices. You can define the layout and levels of detail to suit your business requirement. The entire process requires no technical knowledge and is easily manageable by anyone who uses Word.

Excel for reporting

Our powerful Add-in for Excel allows you to draw up-to-the-minute reports across all of your business data in VOGSY. Right from the start, you’ll receive a host of pre-canned reports that you can draw from. You can then slice, dice, pivot and chart the data without the need for an additional reporting tool.

Secure Access 

Keep your company and customer data safe with help from Microsoft’s cutting-edge, five-layer security and proactive monitoring.

As with Google Workspace, we want Microsoft 365 users to leverage their existing office productivity tools in ERP. It’s one suite of tools less to learn, purchase and maintain, offering customers efficiency in their IT landscape. Users are onboarded much more quickly as well.

At a time when distributed teams have become the norm, connected processes, data and ultimately software is the key priority in the services industry.

The Microsoft 365 integration is an important step in the next phase of VOGSY’s Connected ERP vision.

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