Turn Gmail Into Your Services Firm’s Work Hub With VOGSY’s Dynamic Email

The wait is over. Dynamic email is now available for VOGSY users.

Recently, we released our Google Workspace Add-on for Gmail, enabling professional services organizations to take immediate action on client emails from their inboxes. Now, dynamic email is sending more than 60 workflows from VOGSY directly to you.

It’s Phase II of our plan to give our users the freedom to get work done in the application they spend all day, every day in: email. Approve quotes, access material documents and comment on projects you’re emailed about–without having to tab surf. You’ll know what’s happening in your organization as it happens and take care of business on the spot.

Without further ado, here’s an overview of what dynamic email is and what you can accomplish with it.

What is dynamic email in Gmail?

Dynamic email allows you to do a whole lot more with your email messages than forward and reply.

Businesses can utilize it as an extension of their own processes and workflows. With dynamic email, Gmail users can interact with an email as if they’re in their business software and assign or fulfill tasks, direct employees and comment inside of the organization’s communication channels.

No links directing them to another website or application. It all happens inside of Gmail and it’s instantaneous.

What is AMP in email?

AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is the technology that makes dynamic email interactive. Originally developed to render longer reads on mobile phones at a faster speed, it has been adapted to make opening emails more like visiting web pages.

Since Gmail enabled the AMP email format, businesses have been able to create more intuitive experiences for their customers and embed action elements like buttons, clickable images and comment fields.

Intuitive technology like this is the reason we chose to design our professional services automation solution to integrate and align conceptually with Google Workspace (actually, VOGSY is the only PSA for Google Workspace).

Why use the dynamic email feature in VOGSY?

You live in your inbox. Isn’t it time it became your work hub?

VOGSY will send you dynamic emails for the workflows you choose and prompt you to take action when you need to. You don’t have to log into VOGSY to gather the relevant details, a convenience factor our clients are greatly appreciating.

With VOGSY emailing you about new business opportunities and changes in project outlooks, you can strike while the iron’s hot.

Dynamic email means fewer things to check throughout the day. The time savings ups your team’s personal productivity and enables everyone to get more done in 24 hours.

It’s VOGSY in your email.

What can you do with dynamic email in VOGSY?

Many of the actions you take in VOGSY can now be taken in Gmail. That is, without leaving Gmail, you can:

  • Approve and send quotes as well as invoices to clients
  • Review and approve your team’s timesheets
  • Release team expenses or supplier invoices for payment
  • Stay apprised of progress and changes in opportunities and projects
  • Access documents added to projects and organizations in VOGSY

This is just a handful of examples of what you’ll find in “AMPlified” emails. With more than 60 workflows you can have delivered right to your inbox, we’re making good on our promise to make work easier, more intuitive and, dare I say, more enjoyable?

Let’s talk about some of the typical AMPlified emails you’ll receive.


When something needs your approval, it will be automatically sent to your inbox.

Instead of having to check and recheck for that quote an account manager said they’d have for you to review by end of day, you can focus on other tasks knowing that an email will be sent to you the minute the quote is created in VOGSY. You’ll have the document (stored in Google Drive, of course), the option of going into the opportunity for more details and a comment field to post questions and comments to colleagues in VOGSY.

Just hit “Approve” or “Reject” and you’re done. “Approve” will send the quote to the customer without any further action on your part.

Here are common approvals you’ll receive dynamic emails for:

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Timesheets
  • Expenses

Whether your team needs you to give the OK to bill the client or sign off on their timesheets, you don’t need to be anywhere outside of your email account to review and approve.

Another step-saving function of dynamic email is auto-updating to reflect an action you’ve already taken. Let’s say you rejected an invoice in a dynamic email. When you reopen the email, everything will remain the same except for the “Approve” and “Reject” buttons, which you’ll no longer see. This built-in safety measure prevents you from accidentally repeating an action (like sending a duplicate invoice to a confused customer).

Project and opportunity updates

VOGSY gives you options to receive email notifications when projects or opportunities and their elements are created, changed, updated, completed or overdue. You’ll always be in the loop as soon as project plans are updated or an opportunity’s outlook changes so that you can begin course-correcting.

You can track new business from the opportunity stage, through the project stage, all the way to invoicing just by turning on the corresponding dynamic email notifications in your VOGSY settings. Turn on the “Opportunity won: create project” dynamic email notification and you’ll get an email when a deal with a client has been struck and it’s time to start planning the project.

You’ll be able to follow the project’s lifecycle and stay in communication with your team in VOGSY as deliverables are created, milestones are reached (or missed) and invoices are created. All from Gmail.

Successful projects that stay within budget and reap high profits depend on your ability to take action when it has the greatest impact, which for most services firms is immediately. Dynamic project and opportunity updates in your email can give you a major boost.

Some of the updates VOGSY will send your way include:

  • New project documents
  • Changes in opportunity stages
  • Opportunity and project health changes
  • Missing invoice schedule notifications
  • Project completion notifications
  • Purchase invoice approvals and rejections
  • Percentages of budgeted hours used

Customer and supplier updates

Services firms depend on good communication with clients and business contacts to foster fruitful and lasting relationships. But staying up to date easily falls by the wayside for busy project managers and executives.

When a new contact is established or any notes or documents are attached to an organization portfolio, you can tell VOGSY to email you. You’ll be better prepared the next time someone reaches out, and you don’t even have to think about it.

Isn’t that the point of your business software?

VOGSY keeps you agile

For services businesses, time is a precious resource. But juggling all of your tasks and responsibilities on a packed schedule is exhausting work.

Like your virtual assistant, dynamic email keeps you organized and helps you execute priorities. With workflows and business updates centralized in Gmail, you can master the art of multitasking and move on opportunities while they’re fresh.

Staying organized is the key to doing more, in less time. Getting more done in less time will benefit your bottom line–and your peace of mind.

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