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The Google Workspace is now a major force in global business, presenting a huge market opportunity that’s still growing fast. This year, Google Workspace surpassed 4 million paying customers and is generating $1 billion of revenue per quarter. Professional services organizations (PSOs) are well represented among the Google Workspace customer base. A rapidly increasing number of these firms is moving to Google Workspace to gain a more agile, collaborative approach with less overhead and lower costs, according to Jeanne Urich, managing director at Service Performance Insight (SPI), a global research, consulting and training organization for PSAs.

That’s precisely why VOGSY today launched its Global Partner Program for Google Cloud and Google Workspace Partners. We will help these partners deepen their relationships with customers and accelerate growth.
How? VOGSY’s professional services automation (PSA) solution is the only one built on Google Cloud, and it acts as a natural extension to Google Workspace, with integrations available for other key business apps. From sales and finance, to operations and project management, VOGSY provides PSOs with everything they need to run their entire business in a single, accessible platform.

So with VOGSY, you’re not just providing your customers with productivity tools. You’re providing the very foundation on which their business runs, helping them get free of tedious admin tasks so they can focus on the work that really matters. Forging these kinds of deep relationships with customers increases their “stickiness.” In addition to generating additional revenue, you’ll retain more customers over a longer period of time, which is great news for long-term profitability.

At VOGSY, we like to make things simple, so our partners can expect an uncomplicated, flexible approach with benefits that include exclusive discounts and rewards, marketing materials and support, sales and product training, and early access to new product enhancements. Partners also can benefit from using VOGSY for their own business at a discounted rate.

To find out more about the VOGSY Global Partner Program, visit our partner page!

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