News from Digital PM Summit: VOGSY adds task management

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When you reflect on the progress you made against the projects you manage, do you review the items crossed off your list for the day? Do you run a report on assignments completed for the week, use a task management solution, or gather slides or summaries from your team for the month?

Chances are, you’re using a form of task management, which could be software or an app, the log from your activity feed, or even some old fashioned pen and paper. Whichever your style, there are a few specifics for task management that professional services organizations (PSO) need to consider.

The entire project quote-to-cash process needs elements to smoothly run from sales through delivery to finance. Wrangling these areas of the business can be difficult to manage. You often tap several roles using multiple, disconnected applications or data sources.

Layers of apps or to-do lists can create information silos, redundant information or inconsistent data, and the dependencies can wrap you up in a tangled mess of tools.

Project managers can no longer withstand the broken links between budgeting, delivery and invoicing in professional services. This way of operating is less efficient and not scalable. For professional services leaders using Google Workspace, your tasks and project planning will be a better experience. We’re fixing these industry challenges with VOGSY’s new task management features.

VOGSY has provided PMs with a giant leap forward to bridge the gap between sales, project management and finance by tying all the moving parts together, down to the smallest task.

With VOGSY’s new task management, people can log time on each task with the integrated timer, automatically adding the work to their timesheets (and removing a major time tracking headache). Users can view, manage, add and reschedule tasks when planning a new project.

Because of the ease for rescheduling or shifting projects without having to drill down into a specific plan or deliverables, projects automatically stay aligned, improving team collaboration. The new task management is available for all projects, but throughout the entire VOGSY platform for Google Workspace as well. This ensures sales and finance professionals can use tasks to gain full transparency on deliverables across sales, delivery, finance and invoicing.

By tailoring task management for professional services, we’re able to put Google Workspace leaders back in the driver’s seat to excel at project delivery and overcome the deluge of unnecessary tools.

We’re also in the company of great project managers at the Digital PM Summit this week. With speakers from Google, Capital One, USAA and other leaders, we’ll be talking about ways PMs can harness tech to be at the top of their game and help their digital agencies stay competitive. VOGSY is joined by DPM Summit sponsors and professional services leaders Mailchimp, InVision, Smartsheet and Zoho Projects. We’re showing attendees the new task management capabilities and talking about smarter project management for services companies during the event.

If you’d like to see how task management can streamline your business through Google Workspace, ask us for a demo.

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