Stop bleeding money & time. Get ready for growth.

You’re in Consulting, Tech, Agency, or Staffing. You have 50-500 staff, and you are growing. You are in charge of finances and IT.

  • Your homemade system is outdated
  • Your tooling spaghetti does not produce the data you need
  • You’ve outgrown your current PSA tool

Your IT is blocking your growth. You need VOGSY NOW.

Prepare your company for growth now

Find where you drain cash

VOGSY tracks margins and budgets on every project automatically and in real-time. Timesheets and other costs are integrated. See unbilled time and customer profitability at all times.

Rock Solid

Project Management, resource planning, time tracking, and invoicing. Project accounting, integrated with your finance system. Reporting from lead to cash.


Scalable software that you can quickly adapt to your ever-changing needs. Enterprise-grade security and reliability. Smooth onboarding and super quick time to value. Zero disruption to your business.

Leverage our key features and benefits

  • Fastest Time to Value

Onboard in weeks. VOGSY is easy to set up, fast to learn, and does not disrupt the business.

  • Super competitive TCO

VOGSY is lean, fit-for-purpose software. No hidden costs. User types to suit your needs. Don’t overpay for editions or plans. Scale up or down as you need.

  • Flexible reporting from lead to cash

Out-of-the-box real-time charts and alerts help you run your daily operations. Easy-to-use spreadsheet reports with certified extensions for Google and Microsoft.

VOGSY ERP CRM integrations
  • Seamless Integrations

Easily connect VOGSY with all major CRM, HR, Finance, Task, and Issue systems. Get API documentation for any webapp.

  • Boost productivity

VOGSY deeply integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for; document management, emails, invoice and quote creation, template management, and reporting.

  • Resource Management

Proactively forecast your resource needs and plan ahead. View employee availability, prevent scheduling conflicts and keep track of holidays, PTO and project hours.

“We appreciate VOGSY’s flexibility and ability to take on board new ideas to improve the way we can utilise the software. This was a main driver in choosing VOGSY as our preferred solution, and I’m glad that actions have matched your promises during the demos and conversations we had before committing.”

Joseph Buckley, Operations Manager,
Engage, UK

Joseph Buckley, Operations Manager, Engage, UK
SOURCE1 Capterra

Don’t be a number !

“I want to congratulate VOGSY for the enthusiasm that they infected us with! This is due not only to the amazing tool that they have built but also to the proximity and responsiveness of the interactions.”

– Ricardo Pereira, Executive Board Member, Comon, Portugal
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