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SS Branch is a management consulting firm experienced in successful transformations in healthcare, banking, education and even nuclear power companies. The founder, Yvette Branch, has been an industry thought leader for over 20 years, focusing on continuous improvement which strengthens and expands organizations. She builds infrastructures that include strategy, a technology platform, data, analysis, metrics, processes, organizational structure and learning, which feeds back into the strategy for continuous improvement.

SS Branch uses the Lean Six Sigma methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. It combines lean manufacturing and Six Sigma to remove “waste” from a process. Waste is any activity within a process that isn’t required to manufacture a product or provide a service. This methodology has differentiated her company by solving problems up, down and across organizations. According to Yvette, “there isn’t a problem in an enterprise that we cannot solve using this methodology”.


SS Branch has an aggressive goal of doubling in size by 2020. Like so many owners of small-to-medium sized businesses, Yvette needs to juggle her time between growing the business and successfully delivering on key projects. This allows her get back to doing what she does best, helping clients transform.

The consequences of not meeting the challenge are serious. Yvette’s long-term projects can last up to 5 years. Losing a single customer due to inaccurate or timely information could cost her company substantial revenue, setting her back years. Damage to her reputation would appear immeasurable and negatively affect her ability to attract future long-term projects.

“Customer service is a challenge and extremely important for our business. I need access to information quickly, whenever a client calls, and it needs to be accurate.” Yvette Branch, Founder, SS Branch


Many organizations lack a strategy to eliminate the manual work, reduce complexity and grow capabilities. She evaluated various PSA solutions but they were either too complex or too expensive. Because her business runs on Google, she hoped that opportunities existed to integrate a PSA solution built on the Google platform. So, as soon as she saw VOGSY she knew it did the two most important things that her business needed, it ran on the Google platform and it was fully integrated with all of the functionality to manage the business from quote-to-cash.

“What we introduced with VOGSY is an entirely new approach for owners and executives of PSO’s towards managing their businesses for growth. VOGSY is unique in that it has been designed for the new generation of professional services companies who are predominantly mobile, need real-time information and collaboration to make decisions for their clients while transforming the back end of the business” said Mark van Leeuwen, CEO of VOGSY.

“VOGSY provides all the functionality that goes into running the entire quote-to-cash process. However, unlike existing products, we ventured from the notion that we need to put the professional at the center of technology.

For that reason, VOGSY acts as a Single Source of Engagement for all service professionals, giving instant insight and access to all data, documentation, and decisions required to drive the desired outcomes for their clients and for their own business.” Yvette was thrilled to find VOGSY. “Customer service is a challenge and extremely important for our business. I need access to information quickly, whenever a client calls, and it needs to be accurate. I’m always on-the-go so the ability to have access to data whether I’m on a mobile device or at my office and benefit of the fully integrated platform will keep me competitive.”

CONCLUSION The VOGSY solution met all of SS Branch’s requirements and it’s designed with the same philosophy that SS Branch uses with their clients; collaboration, elimination of administrative burdens and ensuring data accuracy. And they have found it is extremely easy to use and end-to-end it does everything it says it will do.

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