Real-time revenue, cost tracking and projection on any device

VOGSY’s real-time charts provide visual tracking of all revenues, direct and indirect costs and a revenue forecast that combines actual, planned and unplanned order book, and pipeline revenues for precise predictions. View billable performance per team, department or across the company to optimize your business leadership. Learn more about performance monitoring with VOGSY. Try for free

24/7 financial insight across the business

Services sales is a bit like juggling. Rates, margins, deliverables, schedules, resources, expectations… lots of moving pieces. But you want to sell what you can actually deliver and not be standing on the sideline watching and waiting come project time. VOGSY lets you juggle without the struggle. Try for free

Customer performance insight

See which clients generate the highest and lowest profits for your business in VOGSY’s customer profitability chart. You can drill down into individual client revenues, costs, profits and profit percentages, assess the profitability of expanding or ending certain relationships and spot industry patterns that can help you determine which markets to drive new business in. Learn more about performance monitoring with VOGSY. Try for free
Customer profitability

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Sales, Projects, Resources and Finance. Connect everything.

Engage employees and lower overhead with an an integrated platform that connects all Sales, Project Delivery and Finance teams under one roof. Designed to connect and leverage your existing productivity tools, VOGSY is as familiar, and secure as Google and Microsoft. VOGSY integrates your Quote to Cash processes with your productivity tools. See what else you can do with VOGSY + Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Try for free