Project Team

Project, budget and resource planning

As you plan project deliverables and activities, VOGSY automatically creates your budget. Then easily allocate the right people in your project teams to the work with VOGSY’s resource availability heat map and automated resource suggestions. Learn more about Project Management with VOGSY. Try for free

Manage deliverables, activities and tasks

Track all projects’ schedules, budgets, margins and completion—VOGSY will alert you when any one of these are in danger of going off-course so you can act quickly. Duplicate a deliverable if you have retainer projects that you bill every month. Get a bird’s eye view of projects, deliverables, activities, allocated resources and tasks in VOGSY’s project planning Gantt chart. Learn more about Project Management with VOGSY. Try for free

Automated document management

VOGSY automates your file structure, along with quotes and invoices, for each project in Google Drive. Make all your project documents accessible from VOGSY’s project cards. Learn more about Project Management with VOGSY. Try for free

Team communication and collaboration

Assign tasks and @mention colleagues from company and client emails in Gmail, which you can then save to project records in VOGSY. Use internal messaging to communicate when and where you need to throughout VOGSY. See what else you can do with VOGSY + Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Try for free

Customer communication and collaboration

Create Trello boards in the VOGSY project and add tasks for client contacts. Project managers can monitor task progression and communications in Trello from inside the VOGSY project view.
VOGSY submit time entry

Change and decision alerts

Stay informed on project events, activities you’ve been allocated to, team updates and actions you need to perform with VOGSY’s notifications feed. VOGSY will also email you project progress, approval flows and actions taken in VOGSY. Try for free