VOGSY integrates with the major CRM systems on the market. As soon as a potential deal hits a certain stage in your CRM, the client and opportunity records are created automatically in VOGSY. Draft a pending project in VOGSY to fine-tune the budget and understand your resource availability. VOGSY maintains bi-directional syncing of the key opportunity details through the funnel stages. Once a deal is won, the pending project is automatically activated. Try for free
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There are 3 possible levels of integrating VOGSY with the main finance tools:
    • Approve an invoice in VOGSY and an Accounts Receivable record is sent over. When the A/R record is marked as paid, VOGSY’s DSO gets updated.
    • Handle a 3rd party invoice in VOGSY and the Accounts Payable record is transferred to your finance application.
    • Sync all KPIs with your required finance tool for your P&L statement in VOGSY, and the KPIs are combined with operational project data for a truly holistic, real-time view of performance.
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Control your budget, margins, and timelines in VOGSY, as well as integrate your workflows; create a Jira issue from a VOGSY project; link an existing Jira issue to a VOGSY project; track your time on a project from a Jira issue; add a time entry directly from a Jira issue. Find out more

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Connect your productivity tools

VOGSY connects with your Drive tools to create, organize, and maintain your client and project files; with email for faster workflows and integrated task management; and with spreadsheets for reporting. Find out more about VOGSY’s Office Productivity Integrations. Try for free