Microsoft & Google

Integrated with Google Drive and OneDrive

With our Microsoft and Google Drive integrations, VOGSY automates client and project file structures and provides one comprehensive filing system for client and project documents. Like your Drive system, VOGSY runs on any device so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Try for free
google docs

Automate with Google Docs

VOGSY manages templates for quotes and invoices in Google Docs. Editing and personalizing them for your brand is as easy as Word or Docs itself. All your quotes and invoices can automatically be sent from your Gmail or Outlook account. Try for free

Report in spreadsheets

The VOGSY Add-on for spreadsheets pulls the latest data from VOGSY into pre-canned reports automatically when you need it. From there, slice and dice, pivot, and share the insights that you need. Try for free

Work in Gmail

When you open an email, the VOGSY Add-on for Gmail displays the related key project and client information in Gmail. From there, you can:
  • Jump straight to the correct record in VOGSY
  • Search for contacts, projects, and organizations to which you want to log the email
  • Save the email to a project, client or opportunity record
  • Start conversations with your teams
  • Assign tasks to yourself and others
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Dynamic Email for Gmail

VOGSY’s Dynamic Emails provide over 60 of your service operations workflows straight to Gmail:
  • Approve timesheets, quotes, invoices and expenses
  • Track opportunity changes
  • Monitor project progress
  • Activate your teams on the spot
  • Stay updated on customer relationships
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