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The Quote to Cash services relay race. Reduce your overheads, increase predictability.

Running a service or a project is like a relay race where multiple departments or teams pass the baton – from sales to service operations through to finance. Sales needs to know what to sell profitably and when a service can start or be delivered. Project teams need to be aware of what was sold, who is available and at what cost, and what tasks to perform, when. Finance keeps an eye on client agreements, invoicing deadlines, margins, works in progress, supplier costs and expenses. Try for free
VOGSY Quote to Cash relay race
VOGSY tooling spaghetti

Eliminate data silos and tooling spaghetti

You want to know your true resource availability for a new project, which is much easier when your resource planning tool is connected to your project planning and time tracking. During your invoicing run, you need the full and correct number of hours to show up without manual research or rekeying. And your client needs to recognize that what is invoiced is what you had agreed upon. These issues, and many others, can be easily addressed when you have VOGSY as your single source of truth. There is more on that in this blog on information silos. Try for free

Workflows & collaboration across departments

Approval flows can be set for quotes, timesheets, invoices and leave requests and can involve project managers or line managers across the organization. Tasks are freely available for all your business functions and can involve anyone at any stage of your customer or service lifecycle. To round this off, VOGSY conversations provide an in-app and in-context messaging capability for fast information sharing and decision making. Try for free
VOGSY Collaboration

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Leverage your productivity tools

Relay races are all about collaboration. Teams need to share and work together instantly, no matter where they are. VOGSY is made for Microsoft and Google users; it creates a folder structure in your Drive for customers, opportunities and projects that teams can access straight from VOGSY. No more searches or confusion. A host of spreadsheet reports are available and easily updatable using the VOGSY Add-on. Email integration allows for automated emailing. Document templates and draft quotes and invoices are easy to do with the Docs and Word integrations. Try for free

Automate admin work

Automation is what keeps overheads down and allows you to be faster and more predictable in running your processes. VOGSY lets you set up automation in the creation and approval of sales quotes and SOWs, e-signatures, timesheet pre-population, and approvals, invoicing schedules, invoice creation, and their approvals as well as report creation on any aspect in the Quote to Cash cycle. Try for free
VOGSY ERP CRM integrations

Integrated but not isolated

VOGSY aims to reduce the number of applications you need in your business. Some you’ll likely retain – a CRM for marketing automation and lead tracking and a Finance Package. VOGSY provides ready-to-go syncing with the leading applications in these areas such as Copper, ZoHo CRM, HubSpot, and Salesforce for CRMs and Xero, QuickBooks, and others for Finance. Other types of integrations that VOGSY is capable of include Zapier, Jira and Trello.

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Leadership insights

With silos removed, workflows set up and automation underway, the underlying single source of truth allows leadership to gain insights that span the entire business. From sales funnel to project health, customer profitability to billable utilization, WIP, through to business unit or company P&L. Without the need for data gathering or waiting for Finance or external accountants to gather data and draft reports. Try for free

No app. No angst. Everything on your phone.

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