Quotes & CRM

Funnel and pipeline

What’s stuck and what’s hot? Basic questions that you want answered at any time and without digging. View your funnel, in your own stages, in quantity or (weighted) revenue. As well as pipeline progression and win/loss ratios. For your team or the whole company. Try for free
Sales team funnel and pipeline

Forecast revenue & resources

A sale is not revenue; resources need to be matched with your order book – ideally before the sale is made. VOGSY shows you pipeline revenue, unplanned, planned and actual revenue. As well as pipeline projects alongside order book in Gantt planning views. Try for free

Automated quoting and signing

Time is of the essence in sales. Let VOGSY take care of the boring stuff and automatically email your branded quote with as much detail as you need to your client. If you want, you can ask them to e-sign. Once they do, the opportunity is set to ‘won’ and the project is initiated automatically. Try for free

Statements that Work

When you are budgeting a project and building the plan in VOGSY, why not use that structured information to automatically generate a Statement of Work? All deliverables, timelines and pricing included. In your own branding, with your boiler plates. Less effort, more accuracy. Try for free

Client & portfolio management

Excellent work is the best recipe for happy clients. You won’t want that spoiled by using the wrong payment terms, possible discounts or even incorrect contact details. For your big clients, you can view all engagements past and current. Try for free
Customer profitability

Profitability tracking

Happy clients are only good if you make money serving them. VOGSY’s Client profitability charts come in handy there. VOGSY will also tell you what services or departments generate the best margins. Revenue, after all, is only one side of the sales coin. Try for free


VOGSY integrates with all leading CRM vendors such as Copper, HubSpot, Salesforce, ZoHo CRM and others. No re-keying of deal or contact info required. And any updates of funnel stages and other details get synced bi-directionally.

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VOGSY ERP CRM integrations

No app. No angst. Everything on your phone.

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