Real-time business data from Quote to Cash

Monitor your business performance anytime, anywhere and on any device. Keep track of your Sales Progression, Project Performance, Utilization, Billability, Revenue Forecast and Customer Profitability using VOGSY’s charts. Try for free


VOGSY features easy-to-use labels that filter your information in reports and charts. Set up your own label names and simply select the labels that you need for organizations, people, opportunities and projects. Try for free

Sales progression

Once a lead turns into an actual prospect, you need to know how swiftly a potential deal moves through the funnel. VOGSY provides a sales funnel view with stages that you define. Opportunity health is monitored and you are alerted if anything blocks progress. The sales pipeline view shows your win/loss information at a glance. All with drill-downs to get the all-important details. Try for free
Sales team funnel and pipeline
Project performance

Project performance

Each project is automatically and permanently monitored for schedule, budget, and margin performance and the results are displayed in real time on a project card. Drill-downs are available for each project deliverable. Project health is constantly calculated and alerts are sent when attention is required. Try for free

Utilization & Billability

What is the billability target for team X and how are they performing? How about the individual team members? Or the entire company? What are the sales rates achieved and do they line up with expectations? Very common questions that you want an easy, accurate, and fast answer to. Charts provide these in an instant, showing targets, planned work, and actual achieved hours at all levels – as well as rate goals and attainment. Run your projects with VOGSY, track time, and you’ll have these automatically and in real time. Try for free

Revenue forecast

In an ideal world, you always have a picture of your revenue target and how well you are progressing towards it. You know what part of the target has already been achieved (tracked and approved time), what will most probably come in (time planned for teams), what is likely to come in (unplanned order book), and what might happen (pipeline). No problem; use VOGSY for your Quote to Cash operations and this information is there, in real time, easy to understand and drillable to the smallest detail. Try for free


Without them, you have no business. Although sometimes, they can also put a damper on your results. When you’ve undersold or over-delivered or when competitive pressure weighed your rates down. When teams succumb to increasing scope creep. Or simply, when they don’t pay you on time. VOGSY offers customer profitability charts that show you best/worst performers at a glance. Drill down from there to find out what you can improve on. Incoming payments are matched to the project invoices, giving you a view of outstanding invoices as well. Try for free
Customer profitability

Company and team results

A company or unit P&L brings everything together; what are our revenue, COGS, company costs, total salaries and wages, EBITDA? Any financial KPI that you need to include in your P&L can be set up in VOGSY. Integration with your finance package pulls in the data that is not part of your Quote to Cash cycle. You don’t have to do this. But it’s good to know that you can, if one day you need this accuracy at speed and without the hassle. Try for free

Granular analysis

Charts and speedometers are great, because they are real time and very visual. Sometimes you want to do more analysis or group together data points for pivot tables. Not a problem. VOGSY comes with pre-canned reports in Google Sheets or Excel on all topics from Quote to Cash. Updating them is fast, easy and safe using our spreadsheet Add-on. Add tabs, pivot tables, graphs – all will remain in place as you refresh with the latest production data. Try for free