Resource Management

The right skills with the right rates at the right time.

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VOGSY resource planning

Heat maps across the organization

Access everyone’s billable and non-billable allocation as well as their time tracking in one place. Put an end to bench time or overbookings. Try for free

Activity, Skills & Availability Matching

Click to assign tasks to the right people with intelligent resource suggestions and skill matching. VOGSY shows you the availability in your required time frame as well! Try for free
VOGSY pick a resource
VOGSY resource utilization

Forecast your resourcing needs.

Plan long-term and prevent scheduling conflicts with quick-view resource availability months in advance. Try for free

Placeholders and soft bookings

Create and plan your model roles with skills and rates. Soft-book real resources on opportunities. Calculate revenues, cost and margin before the sale. Know what skills to hire and for how long. Try for free
VOGSY reschedule deliverable

Pushing an entire plan forward

Especially when still in selling mode, time tables change often. You can take a pending project, or an unstarted deliverable within that project, and push it forward in its entirety. The resource plan will automatically move forward with it. Try for free

What about non-billable, holidays, PTO?

You need to know all planned time for each resource, not just billable hours. Holiday schedules can be set up easily for your entire company or departments, as well as individual working days/hours. PTO and other non-billable time can be tracked. Simply create your company categories and you’re done. Try for free

Contractors: yes! License costs: not necessarily

Contractors provide flexibility. And so does VOGSY; have them in your resource pool, plan them on projects, as normal. You don’t pay for their license unless you give them access to VOGSY. Even then, you can go for a trimmed-down license. Or none at all and let someone else track time on their behalf. Match that to their invoice and you’re done. Did we mention that VOGSY handles vendor invoices as well? Try for free

No app. No angst. Everything on your phone.

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