Task Management

Kanban & Gantt views

If your mind works best with planning views over time, you can access tasks from the Gantt view. For those who prefer the “swim lanes”, there is a kanban view also. Try for free

Timing is everything!

Billable tasks come with a timer for those who want to keep track of every minute. Click play, do the work, click stop. Done. And the best part; it updates your timesheet as well. Try for free

No more invoicing hassle

Billable tasks are associated with the right piece of project work when created, making sure all timesheet information is complete and correct, saving tons of time and frustration.


To bill or not to bill

For those project-related tasks, you may not want to bill the client every time. Or you want to make sure that no billable work “gets lost”. You have the choice. Try for free

Work tasks inside Gmail

The VOGSY Gmail Add-on lets you log an email in VOGSY and immediately create a task, straight from your inbox. New tasks come to your inbox as well and you can take action in the email. Try for free

On time, every time. Integrated task management from Quote to Cash

Whether you are working a deal, assigning a project task, or asking the finance team to chase an invoice, tasks are available to everyone in your organization and for any job. Try for free

Nothing gets lost

Any tasks related to a project (or an opportunity for that matter), billable or not, and at any stage of its life, is always accessible in your project or customer card. No more guessing, no more digging. Try for free

No app. No angst. Everything on your phone.

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