VOGSY eBooks and White Papers

Broaden your knowledge with our PSA eBooks and white papers. Each covering a specific topic, you’ll have all the information you need to grow your services business – and make your life easier.


Challenges and Opportunities for Your Services Business How to profit when delivering projects from multiple operating countries with varying currencies and local resource teams.

2023 ERP Buyer’s Guide

Professional services sector growth shows no signs of stopping—is your services firm ready to capitalize on it? Read about how to choose the right solution to help your services business grow and increase profits.

Increase Productivity & Profit with Data Transparency

More tools do not equal higher productivity. Learn how to streamline your tools, regain visibility into your data and capitalize on actionable insights across your organization.

Simplicity Matters: New SPI Research Whitepaper

Today professional services organizations need solutions that are easy to use and engaging to achieve higher levels of productivity and profit, as well as greater client and employee satisfaction.

Agency Guide To PSA: Taking Control of Your Agency With Professional Services Automation

When it comes to marketing, times have changed. From advertising to public relations, digital has taken over, even as agencies continue to learn new tools, technology and strategies.

Why Ecosystems Matter: New SPI Research Whitepaper

As disruptive forces strike every industry, leaders are more dependent than ever before on information to provide insights for competitive advantage.